Rig Not Required: Alternatives to RV Parks for long-term stays

Want to be here for a good time and a long time? Consider a long-term stay at a Vancouver Island hotel

Recreational vehicles are awesome. You have your own (small) shower, your own (cramped) toilet, and a mobile living space. But RVs have their limitations. They’re expensive to buy, run and maintain. And you still need to pay to park them most nights. There is an alternative that has grown increasingly popular since COVID-19 reared its invisible ugly head in January: the long-term hotel stay.

How does it work? Instead of paying full nightly rates at a hotel, you commit to a week or longer and get a decent discount. Of course, the pros come with some cons. These deals don’t come with daily cleaning, fresh towels and stocked up coffee. Then again, neither does your RV. Here are a few reasons to choose the long-term hotel stay over a home on wheels.


RVs are great, but they are only welcome at certain spots. The big behemoths take up space, get stuck on dirt roads, navigate snow poorly, and can’t drive thru at your favourite coffee spot. On the contrary, there are hundreds of hotels on Vancouver Island that are motivated to give deals this winter.

Hot Water

Is there anything you want more than hot water on a vacation? And we’re not talking showers. We mean hot tubs, pools, saunas and steam rooms. Staying at a hotel means all the luxuries of a steamy, bubbling, water….and regular showers in a bathroom bigger than a broom closet. Disclaimer: check with the hotels about how they have opening protocols in place for their facilities; not all hot tubs and pools are currently open.


Sure, travelers in motorhomes can visit restaurants but there’s no room service in an RV. During an extended hotel stay, guests get to explore all the local options, squeezing out every experiential second out of their stay, rather than roaming town to town in search of the perfect spot. Why in such a hurry? Instead, find somewhere lovely, get to know it, then move on, rambler.

Fit for the Road

Staying healthy on the road can be tough. Convenient-but-unhealthy meals. Not enough hydration. Sitting in a car seat for long hours. It all adds up to discomfort in the long run. Most hotels have a gym where the more motivated of us can keep the body tuned up like a Ferrari, or at least a gently-used Civic.

Go Urban, Cowboy

The vast wilderness deserves your vacation attention, but so do the urban corners of Vancouver Island’s communities. Our towns are stuffed with great galleries, museums, aquariums, and cultural curiosities that require more time. Staying in town, especially within walking distance, elevates your chances of seeing the good stuff.

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