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Vancouver Island is home to a temperate rainforest in the Pacific Ocean; a biodiverse ecosystem that includes thousands of species of flora and fauna. Whales, bears, marmots, eagles, salmon, trout, and so much more thrive and survive on this island paradise. If Wildlife is your natural element, you’ll be right at home on Vancouver Island.

Near the old lighthouse at Cape Scott Provincial Park, the wind threatens to steal your hat. Out on the water, a bald eagle swoops down, brushes the ocean’s surface and returns to its nest. The sun glints off the salmon in its talons. Your first instinct isn’t to take a selfie. Instead, entranced by this raw glimpse of nature, you register it in a deeper, more lasting way.

No matter where you go on Vancouver Island, you’re mere steps from nature. Whether you’re watching seals on the docks in Victoria, gazing at Roosevelt elk from atop Nanaimo’s Green Mountain, learning about the habits of the Island’s black and grizzly bear populations in Port Hardy, or enjoying the solitude of Cathedral Grove, you’ll connect to a place in yourself; a place beyond words, where reverence and awe forge life-long memories.

Curious About Bird Watching?

Vancouver Island is one of the best places in Canada to find seasonal fliers and seabirds that are totally unique to our coastal environment. Learn more about Bird Watching on Vancouver Island by visiting the BC Bird Trail website.

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