Winter Driving Tips For Travellers On Vancouver Island

While Vancouver Island is known for its milder climate, the weather can vary in an instant and it’s best to be prepared for any and all situations.

Vancouver Island primarily receives rain during winter, with the occasional snowfall a few times a year. Drivers should be prepared for wet weather driving and stay tuned to weather reports for inclement weather and Drive BC for highway conditions.

In addition to checking Drive BC, those driving to Vancouver Island from the mainland should also pay attention to BC Ferries for terminal conditions and cancellations.

Drivers should be prepared for unexpected delays.

  • Keep your gas tank as topped up as possible
  • Install winter tires –it’s the law on most highways.
  • Plan your route, and make sure you let a key contact know when you leave and when you arrive.
  • Pack extra snacks and water
  • Carry a blanket and warm clothes and boots
  • Bring essential safety equipment
    • roadside emergency kit
    • flashlight with extra batteries o mobile phone charger and portable phone battery charger
    • windshield scraper, snow brush, and shovel
    • salt or traction aid o booster cables
    • extra antifreeze and windshield washer fluid
    • tire chains

A great place for all kinds of winter driving advice is