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Storm Riders: Wild Coast Perfumery

The Storm Riders series aims to celebrate the strength of our industry while highlighting some of the many ways businesses have overcome the challenges resulting from COVID-19. We are proud to showcase how the following businesses have adapted while celebrating the people who are at the heart of what we do. In this post, we hear from Laurie Arbuthnot at Wild Coast Perfumery in Cowichan Bay.     


Why do you do what you do?

Part of why I do what I do is to deliver a memorable experience to our visitors to our beautiful West Coast, by creating location inspired natural fragrances, our visitors can take a fragrance home that will arouse their emotions and memories connected to their trip. Being able to give the gift of a memory is pretty amazing!


In your own words, please share “Travel matters because … “

Travel matters because your experiences from travels taken shape who you are and stay with you for life. Once experiencing a region, it can make you more understanding or empathetic towards a culture or ecosystem for instance and in todays’ world it is more than ever important that we understand that we are all in this together.

Other than your own business, what are 3 other businesses in your community that visitors should experience?

There are so many great businesses in our community, it is really hard to choose which ones to refer people to go and experience.

One would be “The Mudroom” in Cowichan Bay. Colleen the owner potter quite often flies under the radar but she has a quaint working studio where she creates great functional pieces at super prices.

Another would be a trip with Ocean Ecoventures whale watching. They are true stewards of our oceans and wildlife and are so caring and knowledgeable.

Finally, because I am a bit of a foodie, you have to stop for a bottle of the best aged balsamic vinegar you have ever tasted at Venturi-Schwartz Vineyards. Trust me, don’t just get one bottle!

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