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The Lost Faucet Sauna House

The Lost Faucet Sauna House is inspired by traditional sauna culture from around the world to offer long-form sauna sessions that leave you refreshed and feeling like a million bucks! It's an informal space for clients to sweat in a maximally hot (85-90ÂșC) sauna, cool off (in showers, buckets and misters), and rest and relax in the lounge area or outdoor patio. Out-of-sauna, self-administered services include facials, body exfoliation, foot soaks, and refreshments. It is a casual and choice-driven experience. Don't miss the chance to try the in-sauna services like venik (wafting with birch or oak-branch bundles) and complimentary Aufguss (wafting aroma vapour with a towel), as we move into periods of that permit for them. Experience sauna at it's best!

3455 Cumberland Rd
Courtenay, BC
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