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Winter on Vancouver Island

With one of the mildest climates in Canada, Vancouver Island is a year-round destination, but right now is the time to cozy up at home with your immediate household. In accordance with the B.C. Provincial Health Order in place from November 19 to December 7, 2020, now is not the time to travel to, or within, British Columbia. Stay home, stay safe, and we’ll see you when the time is right. For more info on the current travel advisories, please see the resources from the province.

If you’re already spending the winter on Vancouver Island, we ask that you follow the guidelines just like a local.

Safe Stay Tips for Snowbirds

Wear a Mask + Practice Physical Distancing

Safety doesn’t have to be stifling. Whether protecting yourself or those around you, it’s easy to responsibly travel when moving about in an RV or vehicle “bubble.” Science says wearing a mask is our best bet to stay safe, so put one on when you check in and remove it when you are alone in the great outdoors. Stay two metres from others when re-supplying or dining and wander freely on the beaches and in the rainforests of Vancouver Island. Easy.

Plan Ahead

Whether we like it or not, things have changed. Be sure to avoid disappointment by checking online to view the various protocols of each business you want to visit. It may be a bit more work but it’s much better than showing up to find a business closed or fully booked due to current COVID-19 protocols. Remember: businesses want and need your patronage. They just request that you help them make it happen by following a few simple rules. In exchange for that courtesy, you don’t have to cook dinner.

Be Sustainable

However you choose to travel, do it with a mind for the environment. We love the places we live, and we love the places we visit. Treat both with the same respect and we can all make sure we leave travel destination—and the earth—a little better than we found it.

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Pack it in, pack it out.
  • Leave What You Find
  • Minimize Your Impact
  • Respect Wildlife (and Locals)
  • Be Considerate of Others

Tee off from a mountaintop course in Victoria or layup on an island green in Courtenay. Putt for a birdie in Port Alberni or take a mulligan in Nanaimo.

Golf doesn't take a break during the winter.

Explore Golf

The ocean—wild and calm, powerful and alluring—has long been a source of fascination and mystery. And there is no better place in British Columbia to understand this than on the west coast of Vancouver Island. From November to March the coastline comes alive when huge storms whip across the Pacific.

See nature's power in person. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Stormwatching In Ucluelet.

The Ultimate Guide to Storm Watching in Ucluelet, BC

The sockeye, pinks, cohos, and springs are practically begging you to cast your line and tempt them with your bait, and give you the fight of a lifetime. If the salmon aren’t biting, go for a halibut, lingcod, or red snapper, and put out a couple of crab and prawn pots to have the freshest seafood feast ever.

Explore Fishing

From the delicate cherry blossoms and daffodils of early spring to the magnificent rhododendrons in April and May, vibrant summer perennials to the rich colours of autumn, Vancouver Island is an incomparable destination for garden lovers. Even the winter months hold a special magic as evergreen shrubs and trees take centre stage in a tranquil garden.

Explore Gardens

Escape from the city and explore the abundance of life in the forest as you trek along your choice of multi-use trails throughout the Island. From multi-day trips that require you to pack in and pack out your gear, to casual walks around a pristine lake, there are trails for hikers and walkers of all skill levels. Explore the wilderness and beaches on the Juan de Fuca or West Coast trails on the south end of the Island, or the North Coast and Cape Scott trails north of Port Hardy. Find the lighthouse on the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet, or the walk the boardwalk on the Centennial Trail in Strathcona Park, the oldest provincial park in British Columbia. There’s something for everyone on the trails of Vancouver Island.

Explore Hiking

Vancouver Island’s multicultural makeup has resulted in a fusion of tastes and textures that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, and the region’s excellent water and climate create world-class wines that pair perfectly with Canadian classics and Island specialties.

Explore Culinary

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