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Caving on Vancouver Island

Down under is right beneath your feet on Vancouver Island. Ancient volcanic activity has pockmarked the mi-and-north Island’s karst (limestone) topography with some 1,100 known caves and many undiscovered ones— the highest concentration in Canada. Newcomers can get a taste of this spooky fun experience at family-friendly walk-in caves. Or, learn the sport by taking a guided tour, some of them perfect for novices while others require rope-assisted descents and belly crawls. With the inky black illuminated by headlamps, the subterranean world proves magical—especially at Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park’s Riverbend Cave.

Please note that spelunking can be dangerous. Only experienced cavers with the right training, gear, and respect for the fragile environments should go ahead without guides.


Do not miss a visit to one of Vancouver Islands most impressive natural wonders; winner of the “BC’s Remarkable Experience Award”! This unique park offers something for everyone, both above and BELOW ground. Discover underground waterfalls, fossils and amazing crystal formations.The easiest and most popular cave experience is the Riverbend Explorer Tour.…

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