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Winter is just around the corner on Vancouver Island, and with a change of seasons comes a fresh batch of ways to explore the elements.

In this edition of Island Moments, we’re celebrating the best all the best the season has to offer. From mountain-top hikes to underground explorations and festive activities for everyone in the family, there’s no shortage of events and activities across the region at this time of the year.

If you’re planning to escape for a little Island time this winter, here are some of the best ways to take advantage of unique experiences offered this season only.

October 2018

Getting Cold? Get Inside!
READ TIME: 4 mins  |  June - July 2017

Five Things To Do On Vancouver Island When The Weather Changes

Fall is easily one of the best and most beautiful times of the year to explore Vancouver Island. The busy summer season is in the past, bringing a calmed pace to communities as residents return to their routines. Leaves…

Fall Harvest on Vancouver Island
READ TIME: 4 mins  |  June - July 2017

Celebrating Harvest on Vancouver Island

We can all agree that harvest is the time of the year that inspires the senses, with palettes craving heartier spices, warmer broths, and more comfort-forward treats. We are, after all, hunkering down for chilly, frost-laden mornings, and celebrating the turn of the seasons is…

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