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Fall has officially arrived on Vancouver Island. After a bustling and beautiful summer, many find themselves sliding back into old routines, habits, and schedules–making it the perfect time to sneak away for a relaxing fall getaway!


In this edition of Island Moments, we’re exploring the myriad of things to experience on the Island during the harvest season and ways to take your adventures inside on wet weather days. Be welcomed by a colorful display of red, yellow, and green dappling the landscapes at every turn, and savour the relaxed pace of each community in their natural element while you satisfy yours.

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June - July 2018

Pride Season on Vancouver Island
READ TIME: 5 mins  |  June - July 2017

It’s that time of year again, so hop, skip, and jump (emphasis on the skipping), down to the ferry terminal and sail on over to Vancouver Island for this summer’s pride festivities. Feel free to show your true colours and explore what the Island has to offer. The people here are lovely and want you to feel at home!

This Summer’s Key Pride Events

Victoria Pride (Ju...

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Vancouver Island
READ TIME: 5 mins  |  June - July 2017

While Canada has unfairly been labelled an inhospitable, cold, and wintery place, this is not necessarily accurate – especially for Canada’s westernmost region, Vancouver Island. In fact, here, on the Island, snow is about as common as a Canadian forgetting to say “thank-you.”

On this green rock , temperatures rarely dip below zero, and the summers are sunny and hot! In fact,...

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