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Fall has officially arrived on Vancouver Island. After a bustling and beautiful summer, many find themselves sliding back into old routines, habits, and schedules–making it the perfect time to sneak away for a relaxing fall getaway!


In this edition of Island Moments, we’re exploring the myriad of things to experience on the Island during the harvest season and ways to take your adventures inside on wet weather days. Be welcomed by a colorful display of red, yellow, and green dappling the landscapes at every turn, and savour the relaxed pace of each community in their natural element while you satisfy yours.

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December 2017 - January 2018

From Way Up High: Suspension Bridges on Vancouver Island
READ TIME: 5 mins  |  June - July 2017

Beyond the Instagram-worthy photo opportunity, why do travellers flock to bridges?

The allure of the bridge is strong, whether it’s sparked by the soaring heights of the suspension cables or the deep running river below. The self-declared pontists out there—lovers of bridges—pencil in crossings at not only the smaller, underappreciated structures but also the legendary.

The ...

Hot & Cold: From the Ski Hill to the Spa
READ TIME: 3 mins  |  June - July 2017

On Vancouver Island, skiing trips are paired with other musts: surfing, golfing, dining. It’s that unique geography that sets us apart, but occasionally a little relaxation is what’s needed after a day of adventure on the hills. For a pampered ski trip, look to our mountain resorts and neighbouring towns to get a little bit of both.

If you’d like to skip the ski hill altogether, yo...

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