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Become a TVI Stakeholder

Are you a tourism related business operating on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands? If so, register your business for free as a stakeholder of Tourism Vancouver Island.  By doing so, you access a wide range of benefits that can help grow your business.

Aren’t sure if you’ve registered already? Reach out to us at

More details on Tourism Vancouver Island Registered Stakeholders:

Check the Stakeholder Category Criteria to see if your business qualifies as a VOTING or NON-VOTING stakeholder.

The History of the Stakeholder Model

Destination Management Organizations like Tourism Vancouver Island typically operate on one of two models: membership or stakeholder. The first requires payment of a fee as a precondition to joining the organization. In keeping with other DMOs at the time, Tourism Vancouver Island followed this approach for the first three decades of our existence.

Organizations taking the stakeholder route fund themselves through pay-per-play initiatives such as cooperative marketing programs and other promotional initiatives that allow stakeholders to effectively target regional, national and international travel consumers in affordable fashion.

In taking a groundbreaking role among Canadian destination marketing organizations, Tourism Vancouver Island switched to the stakeholder model in April of 2004. The Stakeholder Model allows Tourism Vancouver Island to embrace all tourism industry participants in the region by considering them as stakeholders, without the requirement to pay membership fees.

Tourism businesses, suppliers, cultural groups and community organizations who meet the conditions of our Stakeholder Category Criteria are invited to join the organization through a free, easy and fast online registration process.