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Best Ways to Get Outside on Vancouver Island This Winter

It’s no secret that Islanders like to boast about our winters. While it’s true that our winters are typically a little more mild than other parts of the country, Mother Nature still delivers her fair share of precipitation. Don’t let the rainy season dampen your spirits; there are plenty of great things to do, both

Going Underground With Horne Lake Caves Wet ‘n’ Wild Tour

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a geographer at heart, or family looking for a unique and fun experience, a trip to Horne Lake Caves should be a must-stop on your Island itinerary. I visited the caves for my very first time in November 2018 and can’t believe I haven’t done it sooner. Getting to Horne

5 Vancouver Island Captures of the Eclipse

1. Folks on the Island were resourceful in finding ways to view the eclipse, and looked good doing it! 2. A change in perspective was written in the stars for some. 3. While others were seeing double! 4. Victoria visitors were well positioned, catching the 90% coverage. 5. And to wrap it up, the eclipse

Outdoor Activities You Need to Do on Vancouver Island

On my recent trip to Vancouver Island, one of the parts that I loved about it was how relaxing everything was. I enjoyed being able to turn off the main road to explore different parts of the island. There was constantly a sign tempting me to see something new, from gardens to beaches to waterfalls.