Request for Quotation: Destination Carbon Measurement

4VI (formerly known as Tourism Vancouver Island) is inviting quotations from qualified agencies or individuals to measure the carbon footprint of Vancouver Island as a destination and develop a climate action plan. 

In April 2022, 4VI became a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration. The Glasgow Declaration is an initiative supported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization to halve global carbon emissions by 2030 and reach net zero emissions by 2050. As part of the five shared pathways identified in this initiative, 4VI agreed to measure and disclose all travel and tourism-related emissions related to our destination. In particular, it is important our methodologies and tools are aligned to UNFCCC-relevant guidelines on measurement, reporting and verification, and that they are transparent and accessible.

Measurement of Vancouver Island as a destination includes the region’s tourism industry, as well as a carbon measurement of 4VI as an organization. The selected applicant will then synthesize existing research, resources, and solutions that are compatible with Vancouver Island’s communities and businesses to design a climate action plan.

The accompanying Terms of Reference may be utilized in strictest confidence as reference materials to assist in preparing your quotation.

Assumptions & Agreements

  • The contract will be for the production of carbon measurement report and decarbonization plan. To be delivered no later than February 1, 2023.

Administration Process

In order to effectively review the proposals and fairly select a vendor, the following process will be utilized:

  • The responses to any questions by the proponents will be communicated to all proponents of this RFQ.
  • Proposals will be delivered to 4VI no later than 4:00pm on July 18, 2022. Quotations received after this time will not be considered for this project.
  • Proponents of this RFQ will be advised of the selection of a vendor no later than Monday, July 25, 2022.
  • A contract for services will be negotiated with the successful vendor immediately following the selection process.

Selection Criteria

The contract for this project will be awarded based on several criteria of which effective use of budget is only one. Following are the criteria that will be considered in relation to the selection of a vendor:

  • Proponent qualifications;
  • Previous experience in carbon measurement for the tourism industry;
  • Ability of the agency or individual to complete this work;
  • Recommendations for carbon measurement and management;
  • Proposed price of providing the services required; and
  • References

Technical Requirements

The technical requirements of this project are outlined in the Terms of Reference. Proponents  will provide detailed information on their ability to successfully complete all requirements outlined in the Terms of Reference. 

Additional Information 

Proponents may wish to add any other additional information that they believe will provide  support for their quotation. 

Quotation Requirements 

  • Proposed approach for accomplishing this project; 
  • Recommendations for project roadmap (see Scope of Services);
  • Qualifications and experience; 
  • Timelines/schedule including milestones; 
  • Budget, including costs or fee schedules for project areas identified. If there are areas  that the proponent is not able to set firm prices on, this must be clearly noted in the  quotation; and 
  • Proposed payment terms. 


All documents, information and materials belonging to Tourism Vancouver Island, which are  obtained by the consultant for use in carrying out the project work, will be treated as  confidential and will not be used or disclosed to any third parties for any purposes other than  for the work to be done by the consultant. All materials, working papers, documents, reports,  ideas, concepts, working knowledge, or techniques created or developed in performing the  work to be done by the consultant or its employees, jointly by the consultant or its employees  and Tourism Vancouver Island personnel, shall be the property of Tourism Vancouver Island. 

Please submit one copy of your proposal, no later than 4:00 pm July 18, 2022 via e-mail to: 

Kyla Egan
Director, Sustainability

Terms Of Reference

4VI is a non-profit social enterprise that is responsible for destination management and stewardship on Vancouver Island. Our mission is to ensure that travel is a force for good on Vancouver Island forever. Becoming a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration is one way that we are implementing this mission and ensuring that we provide tourism stakeholders with the support they need to better integrate sustainability into our region. 

Scope of Services

Part 1: Carbon Measurement & Action Plan for the region of Vancouver Island

4VI wishes to produce a report that measures the carbon footprint of our destination. The services required include; 

  • Produce a project roadmap
  • Define the scope of carbon measurement for the tourism industry.
  • Collect data required for an accurate carbon calculation
  • Responsible for coordinating and conducting interviews with relevant stakeholders if necessary
  • Using a sound data foundation and standard compliant emissions factors calculate the destination’s carbon footprint
  • Develop a report containing a climate strategy, reduction targets, and indicators.

Part 2: Carbon Measurement & Action Plan for 4VI

4VI wishes to produce a report that measures the carbon footprint specific to our organization. The services required include; 

  • Define the scope of measurement for our organization 
  • Collect data required for an accurate carbon calculation 
  • Produce a report detailing 4VI’s carbon footprint results and a related decarbonization plan. 

Download the RFQ PDF here.