Storm Riders: 40 Knots Winery

The Storm Rider series aims to celebrate the strength of our industry while highlighting some of the many ways businesses have overcome the challenges resulting from COVID-19. We are proud to showcase how the following businesses have adapted while celebrating the people who are at the heart of what we do. In this post, we hear from 40 Knots Winery in the Comox Valley.

Why do you do what you do?

Tradition. Legacy. Our customers. We are a family-owned vineyard and winery, and our roots are in farming. We care for the land and wine as our ancestors did, and we follow the strictest of guidelines in our biodynamic farming and traditional winemaking methods. Our hopes are that we leave a legacy of clean farming and winemaking. We do what we do for our loyal customers. They make all this hard work worthwhile.

At the winery, we have access to powerful healing agents and anti-oxidants found in our Noble Variety Pinot Noir. We have harnessed procyanidins and resveratrol in our skin-care. Knowing that consumers do not want to put anything on their skin that they wouldn’t put into their bodies, we created skin-care for them. VinoSpa products are designed to work together, for any gender, any age, and to give a spa experience at home. We believe self-care is not to be rushed and should offer a feeling of pampering. Home regimes offer a moment of quiet peace for yourself or shared with a partner.

What is your hope for the future of our region?

Growth. There are few areas in the world that can boast farming on virgin land that has not been subjected to horrible chemical and dangerous elements. We want our children and our friends to feast upon pure products.

What do you most want people to know about your business?

Sustainability is important to us, and we are always striving to do better so that we are positively affecting the environment and the community. At VinoSpa, we make 3 promises to you: 1 – we choose natural products with maximum proven benefits; 2 – our products work for everyone with every skin type, age, and gender; 3 – We are sustainable both environmentally and socially, and will always make sustainable decisions first.

Other than your own business, what are 3 other businesses in your community that visitors should experience?

Visit Comox Valley and enjoy what it all has to offer. From skiing to world-class bike trails and hiking trails, to fishing and swimming in our ocean, river, and lakes, there is something for everyone here. Take a bike or a car and travel to our farms. Stop in and honour the honour boxes. You will be glad you did.

The spark to own/work in this business must motivate you each day. – what are some of your past experiences that have contributed to this spark?

VinoSpa is inspired by the Founder’s grandchildren, and a desire to rescue children from abuse. VinoSpa gives back 1 % to the Child Rescue Coalition (CRC), helping children in Canada and all over the world. CRC is a nonprofit organization that rescues children from sexual abuse by building technology for law enforcement, free of charge, to track, arrest, and prosecute child predators. They collaborate with a global force of child exploitation investigators, police officers, digital forensic experts, child welfare agencies, and donors to rescue children and apprehend abusers in real-time.