Storm Riders: Rhino Coffee

The Storm Rider series aims to celebrate the strength of our industry while highlighting some of the many ways businesses have overcome the challenges resulting from COVID-19. We are proud to showcase how the following businesses have adapted while celebrating the people who are at the heart of what we do. In this post, we hear from Rhino Coffee in Tofino.

Why do you do what you do?

After many years in the hotel industry I discovered how much I like working with people, so being in the restaurant industry is a perfect fit. I love the interaction with customers and staff. We have been very lucky to become popular with the local crowd so each day we get to see many familiar faces, who in a way have become more like family.

What is your hope for the future of our region?

There is presently a lot of discussion in Tofino on how we would like to see this popular town grow. Being somewhat involved in municipal affairs, especially in attainable housing, it has given me an opportunity to be part of this discussion. My hope is to find a sustainable way to move forward so the area can be enjoyed by everyone.

What do you most want people to know about your business?

Beyond knowing it as a great place for coffee and food, having people know it is owned and run by someone who lives here and contributes to the community. I love this town and want Rhino Coffee House to be a positive part of Tofino’s future.

In your own words, please share “Travel matters because”…

“Travel matters” to me as it has always been a large part of my life to see and experience other place’s people and cultures. I reflect on all those positive experiences in my life when I am dealing with staff and customers, in the hopes that both Rhino and Tofino are leaving visitors with the same impressions.

The spark to own/work in this business must motivate you each day. – what are some of your past experiences that have contributed to this spark?

My spark is definitely watching my ideas and efforts grow into something bigger or better. Whether it’s coming up with a great new donut flavour, being a positive step in one of my staff lives or getting a great review. I feel extremely fortunate to get to do something I love each day.