Storm Riders: Dinghy Dock Pub

The Storm Riders series aims to celebrate the strength of our industry while highlighting some of the many ways businesses have overcome the challenges resulting from COVID-19. We are proud to showcase how the following businesses have adapted while celebrating the people who are at the heart of what we do. In this post, we hear from Marty Campbell at Dinghy Dock Pub in Nanaimo. 

Why do you do what you do?

I’m very proud of where I get to live and work. I have a passion for service and human connections. I have made life-long and unexpected friendships and learned many things about people and myself working at the Dinghy Dock Pub. Working in the hospitality industry is a fast-paced, dynamic and ever-changing environment, which I find very fulfilling and rewarding. In my role, I am also fortunate to be able to support and guide people in their working lives.


What is your hope for the future of our region?

My hope for our region is that we continue to work together through the COVID-19 pandemic, so we can protect our workers, businesses, communities and local economies. Looking forward, I hope for a stable and diverse economy, thriving and healthy communities and to see the return of international tourism.

In your own words, please share “Travel matters because … “

Travel matters because it brings people and families together, it creates experiences and memories. Traveling gives us the opportunity to experience how others live, discover new things, learn about different cultures and meet new people. It gives us perspective and allows us to reflect, expand and slow down, which are important for our well-being. When we travel, we also help create business, build healthy and strong communities and contribute to economic prosperity.

Other than your own business, what are 3 other businesses in your community that visitors should experience?

A must is Burnt Honey Dessert Company. Try one of their many flavours of ice cream with a Nanaimo Macaron on top – you won’t be disappointed. If you’re hungry and want top-notch authentic Greek food, check out Asteras Greek Taverna. For a fun indoor activity, I recommend visiting Splitsville Entertainment for some ten-pin bowling or an arcade redemption game.