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Anytime is the right time to explore the elements of Vancouver Island, but here are a few thoughts to build into your summer plans.

In this edition of Island Moments, you’re invited to treat yourself to a delectable experience, on land or in the water.

Discover the rich combinations made possible by local artisans using home-grown produce at our delicious selection of Farmers Markets, or join the festivities at one of our many seasonal events and celebrations. Fresh and tasty is the special of the day in almost every community on Vancouver Island.

Or catch your own supper and prepare it your way. We’ve shared an excellent selection of locations around the Island to help you catch the biggest, freshest, and most delicious fish – in the ocean or on our nearly 10,000 lakes, rivers, and streams.

Get fresh on Vancouver Island!

August - September 2017

Island Moments Past Issues

Farm Fresh Flavours
READ TIME: 5 mins  |  June - July 2017

This fall, treat your taste buds to a gastronomical adventure on Vancouver Island. Discover delicious ingredients to showcase in your own kitchen, or dine out to enjoy local favourites expertly prepared with fresh ingredients and perfectly paired with Island flavours.

Shopping Al Fresco

Grab the sunblock, a reusable bag, and good walking shoes to explore the great selection of F...

Where the Best Fish Hide
READ TIME: 3 mins  |  June - July 2017

Vancouver Island is consistently named as one of the best places in the province to catch salmon. With over 3,400km (2,138 miles) of coastline, there’s a saltwater fishing adventure anywhere you go. Whether it’s the excellent and experienced guides, the clean and clear waters, or the tropical climate, there’s a trophy out there just waiting for you to lure onto the line.


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